About Sumanglam Jewellers

A World Of Inspiration

Established in 1999 in Jaipur-Rajasthan From priceless heirlooms to exotic one-of-a-kind pieces, SuMangalam Jewellers, provide you with accredited and accurate valuation for your Diamonds, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Pearls, and Colour Stones.

SuMangalam  Jewellers specializes in Gold Jewellery Valuation, Manufacturing Customized Jewellery and paying competitive prices for Old Jewellery and Real Pearls.


We have always believed in fair and transparent business. We have believed that the customer should be understood so well that we know his needs much before he understands them himself. We have believed that an enlightened customer is the best customer. These are the simple principles that have helped us reach where we are today.


SuMangalam Jewellers biggest differentiator is not only the ability to understand local, think local and act local, but at the same time bring in our vast experience and sourcing strength out of operating in multiple markets. Jewellery is a complicated product, because tastes vary even within the same state. 

SuMangalam Jewellers has something for everyone. Highly skilled craftsmen create our products along with stringent quality control measures which creates that perfection in the products we sell.

SuMangalam Jewellers is not merely a jewellery store, but an exclusive gallery of fine art, where each exquisitely crafted piece is a souvenir of SuMangalam Jewellers journey – and where discerning customers can share in the history of these remarkable pieces.

Our Vision is our framework that guides our business and everything about it
To understand and delight the world, translating everyone’s dream and personality into jewellery, and spread the happiness from it to all.